Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Border Reivers test

After a months-long slump, I finally got some minis painted, the first for my fledgling Border reivers project. Pictured are characters from Hoka Hey and Sgt Major. A bit of touch-up needed on the bases and the trees, but I was excited to have something to show. My last Blog post was in May??!

Hope you like them, as there are a ton more to come! Cheers!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A sacrifice...

To ensure success with my Achaean Lion Rampant project! And the palace scene I'd love to build some day:

Monday, May 25, 2015

Achaean Lion Rampant Rosters

Well, my Achaean Lion Rampant test Rosters are ready, but I have quite a bit more painting to do that I thought!

I'm doing the same force for each side, just to keep it fair in the early tests.

3 Chariots as Mounted Men-at-Arms, leader will be in this unit- 6pts

Foot Men-at-Arms, heavily armoured hero types- 6pts

2x Foot Sargeants, troops, large shields. Trojans will be portrayed w/ archers mixed in the unit- 4pts ea

Fierce Foot, Sea People mercenaries for both forces, Sherden and Lukka, may switch which side I have them pictured on. -4pts

Skirmishers, javelin men and slingers for each side- 2pts
 Yes, 26pt retinues, but that is what I'd like to have to get a good game going. May be too much, may be just right! We will see!



Tons left to paint, but I can get in games while I'm working towards completion. Walls of Troy, desert mat, and soon I'll be able to play the Trojan War! (At least a small one! ;) )

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Achaean Lion Rampant!

Here is my Achaean force for Lion Rampant, ready to test the mettle of the Trojans. First play-test will be tomorrow if all goes well. Need to see if my chariots idea will work, with half-strength #s vs horses, with a chariot runner to be removed as first casualty. I hope it will work w/ the system, as it looks cool!

As soon as I read the rules, I knew this is what I wanted to do with them! Challenges, charging chariots, sneaky javelin-throwing naked men, Fierce Foot Sea People ( yes I need 12, not 6...Told you it was still a WIP!) ... Can't wait!

Results and pics ASAP. Please, if you have any ideas as to make a better game with the Trojan War forces, let me know! I'm open to anything!

Monday, March 30, 2015

My secret shame...

A long time ago, in a moment of rash weakness, I sold these:
and I've been trying over the past few months to re-collect them and the Citadel AD&D Barbarians:

I'm building myself a Norse army for WFB with as many of these as I can gather, plus Giants, bears, eagles, a Raven banner, the whole nine yards. Any help would be appreciated!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Winner, winner,...

A very nice surprise to start the New Year off:

I won! my favorite WAB book for my absolute favorite period, the Age of Arthur! These are the boys that tipped the scales in my favor:
They have been re-based on rounds for Dux Brit in the meantime, but I have Litko trays so I could still WAB w/ them should occasion arise.
On more Arthurian news, did I mention these joined my ranks?:

Painted for me by the sickeningly talented RedZed. They are ridiculously well done, so much so that I fear to put them on the table! I think I can force myself...

So big things already for my Dark Ages Britain gaming this year. Painting the Romano-Brits right now to finish the massive commission, and then off to the races on my own stuff!

Happy New Year everyone! and Thank you Stevo! and RedZed!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Storm the Saxon Shore!

The first half of the Age of Arthur commission is complete! West Wind Saxons, separate head system, LBM transfers. Romano-Brits to follow, then I'm off on my own!

More at my Displaced Miniatures gallery:

Merry Christmas all!