Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Frostgrave Campaigns and a Contest

My first Frostgrave campaign just ended with the defeat of my Simians

at the hands of the evil Necromancer and his shoddy henchmen. The apes were driven from the  jungle city of their ancestors along with the tribe of primitive humans who had come to occupy it when the Necromancer's thugs opened a portal and allowed thousands of dead to flow through, overwhelming any resistance. Their ancient temples were defiled, and the stones used to build terrible temples to evil. Cloud Walker and his remaining troops fled into the deepest jungle to lick their wounds and plot revenge.
Now, Campaign 2! I'll be mustering a Norse warband, mostly old Citadel, to do battle with an enemy summoner. Really having a fun time with the game, as my gaming buddy and I have gotten really into the narrative side of things. He has done a ton of work, both in fluff and the spectacular scenery he builds for us to play on.

Now I have some painting to do! And just in time, a contest over at

Maybe I can win, and get a few useful tips outta the book! JackSarge is a damn fine painter, so there is plenty to "borrow" right from his site. Wish me luck!