Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Storm the Saxon Shore!

The first half of the Age of Arthur commission is complete! West Wind Saxons, separate head system, LBM transfers. Romano-Brits to follow, then I'm off on my own!

More at my Displaced Miniatures gallery:

Merry Christmas all!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Unfinished Tales...

Do you ever actually finish a project? I don't mean adding and changing; I mean take that pile of metal you collected to do this particular thing with, and paint it all, and get it on the table? I never, ever do. There are always a few stragglers, the last of the Mohicans, the escapees...

So next tear, I'm after Completion. Just wrap up the loose ends of a few things and finally call them done. Nothing huge; My Trojans are still an Epic waiting to happen, the Vikings are just out of the gates. Just those nagging little bits, so I can finally say " There. That is done."

The list, as it currently stands, modest in ambition, so as to actually get done!:
The last 1999 mini I need to finish to complete my fully painted, complete (except for the stuff I doubt was ever ACTUALLY released!) collection. She has been like this for YEARS. Almost, but not quite done. My wife said "Why don't you just finish her?" So naïve. This was 7 years ago now?

The last China Town minis, minus the Tyger Lily I keep begging for. Again, these will make me fully painted, nearly fully collected. Then I add the Martial Artists from Hasslefree, and the gangs from North Star, and I'll get some Fistful of Kung Fu! played. I hope...

 Arthurian cavalry. So old I don't recall their maker. The other four in the unit have been done for probably 10 years, and I have another completed unit of 10 from the same frenzied couple weeks of painting them, and then, BAM! Complete stall. Time to correct.

 Oldhammer Forum Warband challenge. Not that old, but it really wasn't that ambitious of a goal. 21 minis? And these, still unpainted, well after the deadline has passed. Sigh...

Nasty Christians burning a Druid at the stake. A nice little set that has been in a holding pattern for wayyy too long. The base is that dusty from being inside a cabinet. Way too long!

A good start! These will help me wrap up some things and clear the way for some bigger goals for the new year. Less buying, more painting, blah, blah, blah...

Wish me luck!