Thursday, July 24, 2014

LeadAsbestos' Top 10 Miniatures of All Time

Great idea, originally stolen from our good pal Axiom, I'm told! Here are my picks, in no particular order, and a bit less Citadel-centric than some others, but there are a few!
Skrag the Slaughterer, Citadel, one of the very few to survive from my youthful collection. Jes Goodwin Ogre, and the best of that excellent lot.
Salute06 Arthur v Mordred, Copplestone sculpt, and a set I have been sending out to my very favorite painters to work their magic on. I've got a lovely little collection going. This set could be my favorite mini of all!

Warped Slaine, by Foundry. Cool.
Giant, Ral Partha, Tom Meier sculpt. Tiny by today's scale, so I showed him here w/ a teeny Copplestone 15mm Barbarian, to make him feel big again.

Ogre, by Reaper. Don't know why, just love this mini. My 30th birthday gift to myself.

Witch, by Citadel. Great Roman Polanski's Macbeth vibe to her, perfect for my needs.

Hot Chick, by Reaper, Somebody of the Blade or whatever. The first and only mini where I thought "Damn, she is sexy!" Weird, I know, but what can you do...

Giant, by Reaper, Tre Manor sculpt. He is the best sculptor going, if only he could get his head proportions right, and stop sculpting such tiny damn minis! That is why the giant is perfect.
King Arthur, by Splintered Light. 15mm! The first mini in 15mm that swayed my opinion of tiny scales. Since outdone by Copplestone's Barbarica, but a great mini, and my favorite era and subject.

Demonic Trooper, by Cell Entertainment, for the 1999 game. The perfect faceless menace, and the mini that made me hunt down the whole excellent line.
Well, there you have them. All my paintjobs except Arthur v. Mordred, but that is also displayed proudly in the cabinet! Hope you weren't bored, and I'm looking forward to see what other folks come up with!                                          


  1. The arthur and mordred set is fantastic, I've got one sitting upstairs. great list.

    1. Andres Amian is the painter. I wish he would paint all my stuff!

  2. Damn fine brushwork over the years! Great figures too.

  3. Nice selections there, you seem a little giant/ogre obsessed =)

  4. Great looking minis, wonderful details!