Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Challenge to Myself

So I've been off my painting game for a couple months, struggling w/ some sort of eye problem that left me basically unable to focus using my right eye. MRIs, doc's visits, etc. Now I seem to be doing a bit better, still strained so no prolonged sessions, but painting again.

Tonight we had a little craft night at home, with the girls drawing, the wife making a wreath, and me wallowing in self-pity that I never stick to a project, I just buy, trade, sell-off, and repeat, accomplishing nothing. Ever. No finished projects ever in the many, many years I've been doing this.

So here is my challenge, to begin as soon as I finish my gigantic commission, and yes, a few of you have heard me say this before, even if you only started at the beginning of this blog:

I need to quit w/ the butterfly routine, and do this project, that has been my dream project for many years, and several failed attempts. This is what I have, plus a few recruits from other lines, and I'm going to paint them, make some cardboard buildings and moss trees, and maybe play at least one scenario. I think I will make the theme of 2015 "Screw your Courage (and your Projects!) to the sticking place!)

Wish me luck!