Thursday, January 1, 2015

Winner, winner,...

A very nice surprise to start the New Year off:

I won! my favorite WAB book for my absolute favorite period, the Age of Arthur! These are the boys that tipped the scales in my favor:
They have been re-based on rounds for Dux Brit in the meantime, but I have Litko trays so I could still WAB w/ them should occasion arise.
On more Arthurian news, did I mention these joined my ranks?:

Painted for me by the sickeningly talented RedZed. They are ridiculously well done, so much so that I fear to put them on the table! I think I can force myself...

So big things already for my Dark Ages Britain gaming this year. Painting the Romano-Brits right now to finish the massive commission, and then off to the races on my own stuff!

Happy New Year everyone! and Thank you Stevo! and RedZed!