Thursday, January 1, 2015

Winner, winner,...

A very nice surprise to start the New Year off:

I won! my favorite WAB book for my absolute favorite period, the Age of Arthur! These are the boys that tipped the scales in my favor:
They have been re-based on rounds for Dux Brit in the meantime, but I have Litko trays so I could still WAB w/ them should occasion arise.
On more Arthurian news, did I mention these joined my ranks?:

Painted for me by the sickeningly talented RedZed. They are ridiculously well done, so much so that I fear to put them on the table! I think I can force myself...

So big things already for my Dark Ages Britain gaming this year. Painting the Romano-Brits right now to finish the massive commission, and then off to the races on my own stuff!

Happy New Year everyone! and Thank you Stevo! and RedZed!


  1. These are simply amazing.......!

  2. Those are fantastic, wish I could paint like that!!!

    1. Can't seem to follow your blog for some reason?? I'll try again later.

  3. Gorgeous, great job on the colors!