Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Drum, a Drum...

So that is the long and the short of it: I'm back to doing Mcdeath. I have wanted to game this scenario for years and years, I've collected (and sold off) many, many of the lesser minis, and I've even started collecting and painting new-skool versions of the set:

But they have never gone anywhere except to ebay or trades. Now I aim to correct that! I'm going to game Glen Woe, the intro scenario from White Dwarf using minis from my collection, and buildings I've scavenged from Lichemaster and other sets, and build my collection of old Citadel minis, starting with the one I have from Mcdeath proper, Raybees! (Pics to follow when I finish basing the little bastard!)

Hopefully someone will read this, and help me keep on track!


  1. I recently picked up the McDeath box for a song and have been pondering the same thing. Having none of the 'official' figures I'd most likely proxy everything with other old Citadel figs... though that Reaper Dragon Turtle is fearsome.
    I'm not clear what figures to use as McDeath and Lady McDeath though.

  2. I sold mine off to good ol Dave King, and now I need another! Keep bothering him to do his line of Scots fantasy minis, and all our needs should be fulfilled!