Sunday, September 22, 2013

The cast assembles...

The cast for my Mcdeath project has started to gather. I had one, and just painted him a few days ago. Meet Raybees:
And next, my long lead-lusted-after witch, finally generously sold to me by the gracious Aggro84 out of a particularly fine old lead haul he won. Not officially part of the scenario, but she will be cursing the field of play, and leading a small force in a skirmish scenario I'm dreaming up:

And these three fine gents just joined the crew, still wearing paint (and fairly nice paint too!) from their previous eBay owner; Knight of Harkness, Dokko McCoughlagan, and Banquo:
A nice Donaldbane should be heading to me even now. Not too many $$ spent so far, but these are the easy ones... Now if only I can convince the folks I sold my last attempt at Mcdeath to sell me back my stuff...

1 comment:

  1. Great looking minis! I especially love the witch! Good luck with your McDeath quest!