Friday, January 17, 2014

Warbands for Oldhammer Challenge!

Well , I got inspired by this:

and, in the interest of getting the most bang for my buck, I'm doing this!:

A true mixed bag. Gripping Beast mostly, w/ Foundry, Artizan, Renegade, Marauder and 99 cent Citadel. Saxons, Vikings, Norse-Gaels, Irish, and Romano-Brits playing the role of Irish, Norse and Scots in old East Albion! Doing a scenario based on the Tristan and Isolde story, either Warhammer 2nd ed. or some more skirmish friendly system, but all to help pave the way for my full Mcdeath campaign. Carboard buildings and moss-on-stick trees will set the scene;)

The boys are not even on their bases mostly, and will also complete my warbands for Dux Brit, 4 archers for Saxons, 4 for Brits. Bonus! Also a nice bard to help tell the tale of our adventure...

Very excited, to say the least! Great idea from whiskey priest to show just what this whole thing is about, that being mostly about having fun playing w/ yr damn toy soldiers!