Sunday, February 9, 2014

4 Tiny Men can make a massive difference...

They may not look like much, but these guys made a major impact at Chateau Asbestos. Celt Archers from Renegade. A real joy to paint, easy, not too cluttered, finished them all in 2 short nights. AND they did 3 things:
1. The first minis for my Oldhammer Challenge, done!
2. Saxon force for Dux Brit, done! (Yeah, yeah, I say one hairy barbarian can pass for another easily enough, so there!) All I needed was the archers to finish that side.
3. More troops for my Celts in my Celtic Myth project, as reinforcements for the Milesians. I had feared this was another dead end, but, having enjoyed the painting so much, I broke out the Renegade minis again w/ a force for SAGA in mind.

Odd how four simple minis can bring back the pleasure of our little hobby for me, and get a little re-focus going too.  Hope you like them!

Next time, 4 Romano-British archers from Musketeer... IF all goes according to plan!