Sunday, February 9, 2014

4 Tiny Men can make a massive difference...

They may not look like much, but these guys made a major impact at Chateau Asbestos. Celt Archers from Renegade. A real joy to paint, easy, not too cluttered, finished them all in 2 short nights. AND they did 3 things:
1. The first minis for my Oldhammer Challenge, done!
2. Saxon force for Dux Brit, done! (Yeah, yeah, I say one hairy barbarian can pass for another easily enough, so there!) All I needed was the archers to finish that side.
3. More troops for my Celts in my Celtic Myth project, as reinforcements for the Milesians. I had feared this was another dead end, but, having enjoyed the painting so much, I broke out the Renegade minis again w/ a force for SAGA in mind.

Odd how four simple minis can bring back the pleasure of our little hobby for me, and get a little re-focus going too.  Hope you like them!

Next time, 4 Romano-British archers from Musketeer... IF all goes according to plan!


  1. Skirmishing archers in 3rd Ed can pack a pretty good punch, more of your archers will have a line of sight and thus more can shoot, for me it's worth giving up their ability to charge regimented units. Unless you're paying the extra 5 points to make them scouts then all bets are off. Nice paint scheme as well

  2. They look really Nice Chris! I can see how those guys got you creative juices flowing again. This hobby of ours certainly seems to have an ebb and flow to motivation...I'm glad to see you are on the up swing again.