Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A rather mercenary lot...

I've been working on a painting commission, so not much work of my own on my projects, but here are some things that a few of my favorite lads did for me for a few projects of my own.
 For my Celtic Myth project, some Alternative Armies minis: the Sidhe by Dr Falkenhayn from the LAF, and the Fir Bolg, from Rob S on the Oldhammer forum:

After the commissions are done, I'd like to paint the rest of the Milesians I started, which you can see here:

And then on to the Fomorians, and then I'll be left w/ a complete set of AA Celtic Myth, fully painted, and COMPLETE! (One of the joys of buying into a dead line! Don't talk to me about those crappy Nemedians in the Erin line either...)