Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Traitor in East Albion

My Oldhammer Challenge forces are mustering!
Tristan, champion of Mark, Warlord under Mcdeath. Recently enamoured of Mark's new bride, Isolde, and the source of great weeping and gnashing of teeth... The shield device is supposed to be a thistle. Remarks about a certain pointy skinned Hawaiian fruit will NOT be entertained! ;)

Norseman, Lennox, Albion noble and best bud of Tristan, and another Norseman. The shifting alliances of the province should provide some in-game entertainment, so I feel no shame in making them all part of the same "warband".

The warband as it currently stands. A few fellows made a trip to a painter pal of mine as part of a lead-for-paint swap and will return when he is done with them, the Foundry mini got dismissed as too small, and the rest are WIPs. I may actually finish this someday!