Saturday, June 14, 2014

OldHammer Challenge Update!

Took a wee bit of time between commission work to paint a few more for my OldHammer Challenge Warband, a mix of minis from Dark Ages ranges to fight in the Mcdeath-era East Albion. Various alliances of Norse, Irish-ish, Romano-Brits, and what-have-you:
Archers, also the last 4 minis I needed to have 2 complete starter Warbands for Dux Brit. An actual project complete, at least for starts!

A Norseman, up to no good, a Bard, and one of my very favorite old Citadel Norse, who I have painted and sold off several times before, but no more! This one is mine!

Just a few left, and Challenge complete! No telling when that will be, but what the hell! I'm pleased...


  1. Beautiful work. I'm waaaay behind with work on mine, but with a game planned in a few weeks I have a definite deadline now to motivate me.

  2. I have that Citadel Norse miniature. He's certainly a keeper!

  3. Excellent paint job, and beautiful minis, a very interesting work!